About Us


is an Enterprise, Telecom, IT & Automation development and marketing company in Mumbai, India. This organization was founded by Young Start-up like-minded Industry professional to help grow the Vision of “Digital India and Smart India Revolution”.

Through product and service excellence combined with outstanding value we have established ourselves as a primary Enterprise / IT / Automation solutions provider in all sectors of the Indian and other potential markets.

We target Large and MSME Companies, Smart cities etc. specifically with cost-effective solutions that allow established and emerging businesses to compete in product and service levels.

Mission Statement

“Our aim is to provide End-to-End Solution to customers with a top-level professional Enterprise / IT / Industrial Automations service in a timely manner, which exceeds our customers' expectations”.

Our Team

Zekko Tech is an organization founded by Young Start-up like-minded, seasoned group of Industry professionals with over 100 + years of collective experience from the field of Telecom, IT, Enterprise Business Development and Strong Finance Background.

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