We at Zekko Tech Private Limited has tied up with MedIoTek Health Systems with a vision of a future in which mobile health technology enables patients, senior citizens and persons suffering from chronic heart/lung diseases can enjoy an improved quality of life at an affordable cost. We have set ourselves on a mission to harness technology to provide care for patients effectively, unobtrusively and non-invasively.

VinCense is a wireless health monitoring system. VinCense will transform health care delivery and management. If you are involved in running a hospital or if you are a care provider, a senior citizen or a patient living at home, VinCense will make a difference to you.

VinCense is easy to use, compact and non-invasive. It works 24×7, measuring and recording patients vital signs continually, accurately. When anything unusual or requiring urgent attention is noticed by the system or felt by a patient, VinCense alerts the stakeholders in various ways immediately and provides actionable data for the clinicians.

India's First Clinical Grade Wearable

India's First Clinical Grade Wearable

Wireless Health Monitoring Systme & Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

About the Product :

The Wearable

  • The wearable feels just like a wristwatch
  • It is quite unobtrusive
  • It continually performs accurate, clinical-grade monitoring of three vital parameters: pulse rate, skin temperature and oxygen saturation
  • The wearable is rugged and water-resistant
  • It is constructed of a biocompatible material and is easy to maintain
  • It is powered by a standard coin cell
  • The power consumption is low, and so the life is long
  • The wearable transmits the collected data to the user’s mobile device using Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • An Android app sends the data in turn to the cloud that the care-provider can study at any time from anywhere
  • We realise that there are hiccups in data connectivity anywhere, and so we have provided for data to be logged offline for a full 24 hours
  • Once the connection is restored, the data are uploaded automatically
  • Help button is used to get emergency assistance. SMS alerts will be sent to five pre-configured numbers

The Mobile App

  • Number of features into the mobile app to make it helpful There is a nurse call feature, for convenience
  • Pain management through a feature whereby the user can record pain levels
  • The app can be used to send text messages with location information in case there is an emergency.
  • A 24-hour real-time record of the vital parameters, Notifications can be visualized readily on the mobile device
  • There are helpful indications: Device not connected or out of range, Wearable battery low

The Web Interface

  • Permits to monitor multiple patients simultaneously
  • The interface gives you visible and audible alerts/notifications
  • Patients in the ICU as well as those in the rooms or even at home can all be monitored
  • Once configured, the interface is intuitive to use
  • It can provide you a bird’s eye view of all your patients’ status through a macro dashboard
  • These dashboards enable you to monitor your patients in real time
  • In the background, it is making secure backups of all the patient data
  • Automated population of EMRs is also possible
  • Enjoy the power of data analytics that the VinCense Web interface
  • Can make better decisions using the different means in which you can examine the raw data using VinCense

VinCense Wireless Health Monitoring System (WHMS)

The wrist-based India’s first clinical-grade wearable tracks three vital signs - pulse rate, oxygen saturation and skin temperature and Respiratory Rate wirelessly and pushes to the cloud from where clinicians can access real time actionable data in a user-centred interface.

VinCense Remote Patient Monitoring Platform (PMP)

We have incorporated an arm cuff based Bluetooth Smart enabled BP monitor and weighing scales . Glucometer and Portable ECG unit are underway. This way, all vital parameters can be accessed in a single user interface in a convenient way.

How it helps

VinCense spells convenience, assurance and reduced costs for everyone involved.

Home Health

Prevent unwanted hospital visits Cordinate care delievery Co-ordinate care delievery


Continual, remote monitoring for non ICU AT-RISK patients


Empowerment Always on virtual nurse Affordable

Insurance Analytics

Lowered cost of care incentivize healthier living


Cost effective mass screening (<Rs35 Person) Reduced out of pocket expenditure Reduced NCD Bruden


Easy adherence to Protocols Reduced human error Increased accountability

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